12 Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages – PDF Download

Everyone loves cats, especially kids. So if your kids are cats lovers, this collection is just for them.

Cats come in different shapes, sizes, and fur, and so do the cats in these amazing cat coloring sheets. Ranging from simple drawings for preschoolers to realistic cat drawings for older children, here are 12 exciting high-quality free cat coloring pages for all cat lovers. Let’s begin!

1. Cat Playing with a Ball Of Yarn

Cat Playing with a Ball Of Yarn

If you love cats, here is a detailed drawing of a cat sitting in his bed holding a ball of yarn. This coloring page is perfect for toddlers and advanced kids who can color in small details.

2. Cartoon Cat Coloring Page

Cartoon Robo Cat Coloring Page

This astronaut cat has just landed on the moon. What color should his spacecraft and spacesuit be? Should it be red or blue? Grab your crayons and get ready to solve the mystery.

3. Cute Cat Coloring Sheet

Cute Cat Coloring Sheet

This kitten is sad because her bowl is empty. You can’t fill it with her favorite treats, but you can paint this kitten coloring page to make it happy. So, let’s get coloring!

4. Cat Eating Cookies

Cat Eating Cookies

Oh, look! The cat found her favorite cookies. Now it’s time for you to color this realistic cat coloring page and turn this line art into a magical, colorful drawing.

5. Cat Playing in the Garden

Cat Playing in the Garden

This cute cat and his best friend butterfly are having a good time in the garden. So why not have a little fun coloring this simple drawing with simple shapes and lines? Get your color pack and get started right away!

6. Realistic Cat Coloring Page

Realistic Cat Coloring Page

Balls are a favorite toy of cats. This one is kicking a softball around on the bed. Color this realistic cat coloring page brightly with your sketch pens or colored pencils.

7. Lazy Cats Coloring Page

Lazy Cats Coloring Page

These two cats are sleeping in the garden on a sunny day. What color do you think these cats will look best in? Well, find out by coloring this sleeping cat coloring page now.

8. Christmas Cat Coloring Page

Christmas Cat Coloring Page

This fluffy cat is all set to open her gifts. But before she goes, why not color this unique Christmas cat drawing? Choose green for the tree, red for the stocking, brown for the fireplace, and paint the cat in your favorite color.

9. Dancing Cat and Mouse

Dancing Cat and Mouse

This funny cat coloring page is perfect for younger children who enjoy cartoons. The simple shapes of this cat and mouse drawing are easy to color and will give toddlers an exciting coloring experience.

10. Cat Sleeping On Stairs

Cat Sleeping On Stairs

This adorable cat is snoozing on the stairs. But she’ll look even cuter when she’s colored. So, grab your colored pencils and get to coloring now.

11. Cartoon Cat on Swing

Cartoon Cat on Swing

Color this lovely drawing of a pretty cat swinging on a swing with your crayons. Choose a brown color for the tree, green for the ground, a blue for the sky, and your favorite color for your cat.

12. Easy Sleeping Cat Coloring Page

Easy Sleeping Cat Coloring Page

This simple drawing of a lazy cat napping on her favorite sofa is best for preschoolers & toddlers who are just starting with coloring. The wide spaces in the drawing will allow the children to scribble their colors freely.

Download Complete Cat Coloring Book for Free

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Cat coloring Book

This collection of cat coloring pages is excellent for children of all ages. So, if you want to teach your children about this fluffy, goofy animal, this is the place to begin. Get your free cat coloring book or pages, and let your kids explore this fun activity.

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