Adorable Guinea Pig Coloring Pages – 12 Free Printable PDFs

What animal comes to mind when we say tiny, cute, fluffy, and utterly lovely? Obviously, a Guinea Pig! And being so adorable, children like to pet guinea pigs for all of their goofiness, gentleness, and playfulness.

So, if your kids are learning to color, what’s better than coloring a guinea pig coloring sheet? Explore these exciting free guinea pig coloring pages, including everything ranging from a cartoon guinea pig to highly detailed guinea pig drawings.

Did you know?

An American guinea pig makes the best pet for kids because of their good temperament and short and soft fur.

12 Printable Guinea Pig Colorings Pages for Kids

1. Cute Guinea Pig Coloring Page

Cute Guinea Pig Coloring Page

This pet guinea pig is delighted to offer you a piece of his birthday cake. Which cake is your favorite? Paint this adorable guinea pig and its cake with your favorite colors. Let’s party!

2. Adorable Guinea Pig in a Paper Cup

Adorable Guinea Pig in a Paper Cup

Yes, a guinea pig is so tiny that it can fit in a paper cup! Isn’t it cute? But what about the colors? Which color would you want for your guinea pig? And, don’t forget to paint the food!

3. Simple Guinea Pig Coloring Page

Simple Guinea Pig Coloring Page

For young children who are just beginning to color, this easy guinea pig coloring page is perfect. The wide spaces in the drawing allow them to use their strokes freely. Kids can color this drawing using colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

4. Cartoon Guinea Pig Drawing With a Guitar & Drumset

Cartoon Guinea Pig Drawing With Guitar & Drumset

How about a rock concert! This adorable cartoon guinea pig will rock your world with his songs and melodies! But first, let’s add some colors to this drawing and make the concert lively!

5. Cute Guinea Pig With Snowman

Cute Guinea Pig With Snowman

Have you ever seen a guinea pig making a snowman? Well, this one did! Now you need to add more colors here. But yes, leave the snowman’s body white!

6. Realistic Guinea Pig Coloring Sheet

Realistic Guinea Pig Coloring Sheet

This realistic Guinea pig coloring sheet with details and real features will give the kids an enjoyable coloring experience. Use pencil colors or colored pens for the best outcome!

7. Cute Guinea Pig With Succulents

Cute Guinea Pig With Succulents

This cute guinea pig is taking some succulents to his home. You can paint this easy drawing with vibrant colors of your choice and turn it into a beautiful colored page. Don’t forget to color the Guinea pig’s HAT!

8. Christmas Guinea Pig Coloring Page

Christmas Guinea Pig Coloring Page

Do you want to attend this Guinea pig Christmas party? Then get ready with all your best dresses and your favorite colors! Let’s have some fun coloring this simple coloring page.

9. Guinea Pig in an Easter Bucket

Guinea Pig in an Easter Bucket

For kids who like challenges, this is the perfect detailed guinea pig color page. Coloring in the small, confined areas will let you use your cognitive skills. So, set your table and gather your favorite colors and let’s use as many bright colors as possible!

10. Juggling Cartoon Guinea Pig

Juggling Cartoon Guinea Pig

If you’ve never seen a juggling and unicycling guinea pig before, well, there you go! This guinea pig is performing some cool tricks on stage. Why don’t we make this more exciting using some colors? So, which colors have you got today?

11. Funny Guinea Pig Coloring Page

Funny Guinea Pig Coloring Pages

Did you know that most guinea pigs love carrots and broccoli? But this one seems to like bread a little too much. Can you color the bread? And what colors do you want these cute guinea pigs to be?

12. Group of Guinea Pigs Camping

Group of Guinea Pigs at Beach

This group of guinea pigs is camping! Don’t you want to join? But wait, don’t forget your bag of colors and paint this cute and realistic guinea pig coloring page!

Download Guinea Pig Coloring Book PDF for Free

Whether you’re a preschooler or a grown-up kid who just won a drawing competition, this set of guinea pig coloring pages has something for everyone. Click below to download the complete guinea pig coloring book pdf file for free.

Guinea Pig Coloring Book

This collection of adorable designs and illustrations of guinea pigs will offer the most enjoyable coloring experience to kids of all ages. So, download the individual illustrations or surprise the kids with the whole guinea pig coloring book and let their creativity fly!

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