How to Draw a Zebra? (A 14-Step Guide to Help Kids Learn)

Zebra – the black and white animal which is famous for its lovely zebra print. A zebra is a very interesting animal. Kids love watching zebras, and they’re going to love to draw them too. So, in this tutorial, we will teach how to draw a zebra with detailed steps and images. Grab your pencil and let’s draw.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Draw a Zebra

Materials needed:

  • White Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Maker
  • Pack of Crayons
how to draw a zebra

It will take you 45 to 60 minutes to complete the zebra drawing and another 5-10 minutes for coloring. As for kids, they will take time to get a hold of it. So, use this step-by-step tutorial to help them draw a zebra easily and quickly.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Step #1: Draw a Circle and an Oval

Draw a circle and an oval

Start with the body of your zebra. Draw a slightly slanted horizontal oval shape on the paper. Now, draw a medium-sized circle above and on the right of the body. This is your zebra’s head.

Step #2: Draw Zebra’s Neck

Draw zebra’s neck

In this step of the zebra drawing tutorial, we’ll draw the neck. Draw a very slightly curved line connecting the left side of the head to the centre of the upper outline of the body. Draw another curved line from the right side of the oval shape and connect it to the circle in the middle of its outline. (See figure 2.)

Step #3: Draw Zebra’s Eyes and Muzzle

Draw zebra’s eyes and muzzle

Now we’ll draw the eyes and the nose. Draw two small circles side-by-side on your zebra’s face. The circle on the right side will slightly overlap with the outline of the head.

Now we’ll draw the muzzle area on the zebra’s face. Below the eyes, draw a horizontal drop-like shape with its pointy side on the left, lying on the circle near the neckline.

Step #4: Clear Intersections

Clear intersections

This is one of the easiest steps of the entire tutorial. Pick up an eraser and clear the intersecting lines from eyes and nose.

Step #5: Add Pupils and Lips

Add pupils and lips

To add pupils, draw a small circle inside the eye and fill it black, leaving a small white spot on the left for a reflection effect. Rep the previous step for the other eye.

For nostrils, draw a tiny circle inside the muzzle on the left side and a semicircle outside the muzzle area on its outline near the right eye.

Now, starting from the pointy tip of the muzzle, draw a small wide u-shape under the muzzle area to the middle of its bottom outline.

Step #6: Add Ears, Eyebrows, and a Smile

Add ears, eyebrows, and a smile

Draw a leaf-like shape on each side of the head to make ears. Make sure you don’t draw the left ear on the head. It should be inside the head, overlapping the head’s outline.

Draw a small upwardly curved arc above each eye for brows. To add the smile, draw a small U-shape inside the lower part of the mouth.

Step #7: Add Details

Add details

Before going further, erase the intersecting lines on the left ear. We’ll now add details to the ears by drawing their insides. Draw a smaller leaf-like shape inside each of the Zebra’s ears. Now, we have a cute zebra baby face ready to adore. But something’s missing! 

Step #8: Draw a Mane and Hip

Draw a mane and hip

How can we forget the zebra’s mane? Let’s draw it. Starting from behind the left ear, draw a curved line towards the right ear, below and parallel to the head’s outline.

Now, at a small distance above this end, start drawing a curved line parallel to the head’s outline to meet the point where the neck meets the body. Now connect the two curves with a slightly curved line on the right ends (on the head).

Clear the intersecting lines between the head and the neck. Now, draw a circle or oval on the bottom right side of your zebra’s body. This is the hip area that will help you draw the legs.

Step #9: Start Drawing Legs

Start drawing legs

Let’s draw the first front leg. Starting from the bottom area of the body, draw two slightly curved vertical lines going downwards with a broader distance at the bottom and narrower at the top. Join the top ends with a deep upward curve and the bottom ends with a curved line.

For the hind leg, repeat the same process but draw this leg below and outside of the body. Then connect this leg with the body using two slanted and curved lines. Join them, as shown in figure 9.

Don’t forget to clear out the intersecting line from the mane.

Step #10: Draw Remaining Two Leg’s

Draw remaining two leg’s

Draw the other two legs with the same process: two parallel lines ending with a wider bottom and then connect the end with a horizontal curve.

Draw the second front leg ahead of the first, and the same goes for the hind legs. Make these two legs appear to be behind the body and erase all the interesting lines on the legs.

Step #11: Give Finishing to the Sketch

Give finishing to the sketch

By now, you have completed 90% of your zebra drawing. Now, erase the hip circle and smoothen out the body’s shape.

Step #12: Draw Tail and Feets

Draw tail and feets

For the tail, starting from the back of your zebra’s body, draw a deeply curved line bent on the left side. Draw a second line beneath and parallel to it, connecting the two with a pointy tip. To draw the tail tuft, draw a curved leaf-like shape or C-shape and close it with another curved line in the same direction.

Here, you have the cute little tail of your zebra. And as for the feet, draw a curved parallel line on each leg.

Step #13: Draw the Zebra Print

Draw the zebra print

At this step, the zebra drawing is ready. You only need to add the lovely zebra print. Draw elongated and thin V’s on the zebra’s body for the zebra stripes. You can also make thin triangles. Draw them everywhere except your zebra’s face, feet, and tail.

Step #14: Color the Zebra

Color the zebra

The last step is coloring, the most fun part. Fill in black color in the alternate stripes and pink on the mouth and insides of the ear. Take a shade darker than pink and color the nose and tongue of the zebra.

Finally, the zebra drawing is finished. As I said it will take you 45 to 60 minutes to complete the drawing. The steps may seem difficult but when you go step-by-step, you can draw a zebra easily. So, learn or teach kids to draw a zebra with simple techniques as explained in the blog.