How to Draw an Ant for Kids (In 9 Easy Steps with Pictures)

Ants are very tiny and fascinating insects. And it is most likely the only insect that children are not afraid of. So, if you’re trying to teach your children or students about different ant species, having them draw an ant is a good place to start. This tutorial will assist you in doing so.

With the help of images, this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an ant will allow kids to create a lovely, colorful cartoon using very simple shapes. So, let’s get started.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Cute Ant

Materials Required:

  • White Paper Sheet
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Black Marker or Gel Pen
  • Colors of your preference
How to Draw an Ant

This simple, cute ant drawing will take kids 30-40 minutes to draw and color.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step #1: Draw Three Circles

Draw Three Circles

Start by drawing a medium-sized circle on paper. This will be your ant’s abdomen or backside.

Now, draw the second circle, about 1/3 the size of the first one, overlapping the left side of the first circle. This will be the ant’s main body, also known as the thorax.

Finally, to create the ant’s head, draw another circle that is nearly the same size as the first one and overlaps the top-left area of the second circle (the body).

Step #2: Erase the Underlying Lines & Complete the Ant’s Backside

Erase Underlying Lines & Complete the Ant’s Backside

After you’ve completed the three circles, use an eraser to clean the underlying lines of the middle circle.

Now, draw a horizontal “V” shape with a curved bend, with its left edge connecting to the bottom of the first circle and the right edge connecting to the top.

Step #3: Erase the Construction Lines from the Back

Erase the Construction Lines

Erase the section from the first (right-most) circle that divides the circle and the “V” shape from the previous step. Now, you have a horizontal egg-like shape for your ant’s abdomen, as shown in image 3.

Step #4: Draw Two Circles on the Head

Draw the Eyes

Let’s give your ant a pair of big eyes. To do so, draw two small circles overlapping the top of the ant head (the left-most circle).

Step #5: Add Details to the Eyes & Draw a Cute Smile

Add Details to the Eyes & Draw a Cute Smile

Now, draw a smaller circle in each eye. Fill in each small circle with a black marker or pen, leaving a white mark on the right side to create the effect of glazing eyes.

Next, we’ll make a big smile. Simply d/raw a semi-circle at the bottom of the ant face, as shown in Image 5. Doesn’t it look like a happy queen ant?

Step #6: Draw the Two Front Legs

Draw the Two Front Legs

Let’s give your ant legs so it can walk around. Starting from the lower area of the ant’s thorax (middle circle), draw a straw-shaped line that bends to the left and extends it up to a few inches below the body.

Now, draw a similar line at a small distance next to the previous line. Remember to keep the space wider between the ends of both legs so that they are not parallel.

Step #7: Draw the Ant’s Hind Legs

Draw the Hind Legs

To make the hind leg, draw another straw-shaped line that is bending wide towards the right, overlapping the left area of the abdomen, as shown in Image 7.

Step #8: Draw the Ant’s Antennae

Draw the Antennae

To make the left antenna, draw a small curved line going up from the middle of the ant’s eyes and bending to the left.

Similarly, draw another line starting from between the eyes and bending to the right side to make your ant’s second antenna. Lastly, draw a clear outline of your drawing with a black marker.

Step #9: Color in Your Ant Drawing

Color in Your Ant Drawing

And this simple step has to be your favorite, isn’t it? For your ant, you only need one color; brown. So paint the ant’s head, body, and abdomen brown, but leave the eyes white.

And there you have it, your adorable colorful cartoon ant.

Drawing an ant will be a breeze for kids with this step-by-step drawing lesson. It will not only teach them how to draw a cute ant, but it will also teach them about its various body parts. So, get your kids involved in this exciting learning activity and have some fun with them.

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