How to Draw an Apple Step-by-Step for Kids (In 8 Easy Steps)

Apple is a really beneficial fruit for health. And as healthy as it is, drawing an apple is equally simple if you know how to draw basic shapes. So, today let’s learn how to draw an apple.

In this apple drawing lesson, we’ve broken down the entire process into quick and easy steps that kids can easily follow and draw a simple cartoon apple. So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s get started.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Draw an Apple With Pictures

Materials Required:

  • White Sheet of Paper
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Black Marker or Gel Pen
  • Colors (Crayons, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, etc.)
How to Draw an Apple

This simple apple drawing will take kids 20-30 minutes to draw and color.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step #1: Draw a Circle

Draw a Circle

Make a smooth circle in the center of the paper. This circle can be as big as you want your apple to be.

Remember to draw lightly with your pencil so that you can erase any unnecessary lines later.

Step #2: Draw a Wavy M-shape Inside the Circle

Draw M-shaped Wavy Line on Top of the Circle

In the top area of this circle, draw a rough and wide M-shaped wavy line, with its edges curving down along the circle, as shown in Image 2.

Step #3: Draw an Inverted “U” at the bottom of the Circle

Draw an Inverted “U” at the bottom

Now, at the bottom of the circle, draw a wide inverted “U” with both of its edges smoothly blending with the circle outline.

Step #4: Erase the Guidelines

Erase the Guidelines

This is a very easy step. Simply take an eraser and remove the extra outline of the circle.

Step #5: Draw the Stem

Draw the First Line of the Stem

Now, let’s draw the stem. Starting from the middle of the M-shape on the top, draw a vertical slanted line slightly bending to the right side.

Step #6: Complete the Apple Stem

Complete the Apple Stem

Now, next to the first line, draw another similar but shorter line from the center of the M- shape. Please refer to Image 6.

Finally, connect the top ends of the two lines of the stem with a tiny line.

Step #7: Draw the Leaf

Draw the Leaf

To make the leaf, draw a curved line coming off the center of the M-shape and bend it to the left.

Now, from the same starting point, draw a roughly straight but slanted line and connect it to the other end of the previous small curve. And it’s done!

Lastly, take a black marker and draw a clear outline of the apple drawing.

Step #8: Color Your Apple Drawing

Color Your Apple Drawing

It’s finally time for your favorite part: coloring! So, color the apple red, the leaf green, and the stem brown, and you’re finished! Your colorful apple drawing is complete.

Drawing an apple is incredibly simple if you use simple shapes and lines and carefully follow each step of this drawing tutorial. Always use light pencil strokes so that you can erase the guidelines after you finish the drawing. And lastly, learn and have fun!

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