How to Draw a Cute Bunny Face Easily? (In Just 9 Steps)

Are you struggling to teach your kid how to draw a bunny face? Has your kid come home from school with a project about drawing a bunny face? And are you wondering how you are going to teach him/her?

Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Kids are bound to make mistakes, but you should know how to teach them creatively. With the help of this article, you will be able to make your kid learn how to draw a cute bunny rabbit face. So, let’s start!

Steps on How to Draw a Bunny Face:

Materials Needed: 

  • 1 Sheet Paper White
  • 1 Marker Black or Pencil
  • 1 Pack Crayons
Steps to draw Bunny Face

Total time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Draw a Circle

How to draw a Hare Head

The first step to draw a bunny rabbit face is to draw a perfect circle. You can draw a perfect circle with the help of a rounder or bangle. This circle will be the bunny’s head.

Step 2: Draw a Bunny’s Mouth

How to draw a Hare Head

After the face step, make an oval at the downward side in the circle – this will be the rabbit’s mouth. Make sure the oval is slightly wider and doesn’t cover half of the circle.

Step 3: Draw Bunny’s Eyes

Step three Draw Bunny's Eyes

The next step is to draw the bunny’s eye. Again make two small circles a little bit above the mouth. You can refer to the third image for clarity. Don’t make eyes too small, as we have to add the pupils as well.

Step 4: Add a Bunny’s Nose

step four Bunny's Nose

This is a bit of a difficult task but let’s do it. At the exact middle of the mouth draw a nose. As for the shape, it is an inverted triangle with a rounded base. You can think of it like a chocolate chip shape.

Step 5: Draw Bunny’s Pupils and Add a Smile

Step five Draw Bunny's Pupils and Add a Smile

At this step, you will complete the bunny’s eyes by adding pupils to them. In the center of the eyes, make a smaller circle and fill it with black paint. Also, don’t forget to make smiling lips (draw a small U).

Step 6: Draw Bunny’s One Ears

step six Draw Bunny's One Ears

The bunny’s ears are long arch-shaped. Keep the bottom of the ears thin, and the top should be thick or wider. We will first make the ears on the right side.

Draw an arch extending to the right side and keep the length the same size as the face. Now make a wider curve and close it by taking the line back on its head.

If that seems a little tricky, you can always make two egg-shaped ovals but without the base. Or a rounded triangle again without the base.

Step 7: Complete Bunny’s Ears

step seven Complete Bunny's Ears

At this step, you will complete the sketch of cute bunny ears. Repeat the same process as above on the left side.

Step 8: Draw Whiskers

step eight Draw Whiskers

By now, you will have a cute bunny’s head almost ready. Let’s end it by adding whiskers as it adds cuteness to the rabbit’s face. Draw three little arches on each side of the mouth.

Step 9: Color the Bunny

step nine Color the Bunny

Tada! You have a bunny rabbit face ready. Now get your crayon box out and start coloring the bunny. To make the colored bunny look perfect follow the one direction of coloring. If you are going horizontal keep it that way till the end.

Additional Tips:

  1. You can also use watercolors to color a rabbit. It will take less time and give you an awesome result. Finally, complete the cartoon bunny drawing using black paint and a zero-size brush to outline the bunny’s face.
  2. If your kid is still learning to color, get him/her a coloring page. They come with an outline and are great for practicing.
  3. If you want to sketch a fluffy rabbit, draw little curved lines extending outwards on the outline. Keep the strokes little and at minimum or no gap, this will give a fur effect to the bunny head.


How to draw a bunny face on an egg?

Drawing a bunny face on the egg is also simple. You can follow the above guide just skip the face step as you already have the egg for the face. Add the other details, and you will have the easter bunny ready.

You are at the end of the article. This article helped you teach your kid how to draw a bunny face that too with simple shapes. Wasn’t it easy? Always remember kids learn things creatively and with fun. Have fun drawing a bunny face!