How To Draw A Cute Frog (In 12 Easy Steps)

Hello, welcome to another tutorial blog. So, this time it’s a tutorial on how to draw a cute frog. Frogs are the cutest being, jumping here and far away there with the green color and black or grey spots on them. Kids love to look at them non-stop (some might even want to pick them).

But as they are fast, they move away. Drawing is a great way to teach your kids about the animal and their body parts. So, whether you want to make your kid learn how to draw a cute frog because of the school project or just to entertain, this is the article that will help you.

Without any delay let’s move ahead with the tutorial on drawing a cute frog.

Steps to Draw Frog

What materials will you need?

  • Blank white paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black marker
  • Water or crayon colors
drawing of frog with colour

It will take around 20 to 30 minutes to draw and make your kid learn to draw a frog step-by-step. However, it will take a few days for your kid to perfectly draw the cute frog without anyone’s guidance. 

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Draw an Oval and Circles

draw a frog's head

The first step is to draw a frog’s head. Draw an oval shape and add two hollow circles on the upper curve line of the oval.

Step 2: Outline of Frog’s Head

Outline of Frog’s Head

Erase the intersection and make it look like the (2) figure. You will have the proper outline of the frog’s head.

Step 3: Add Pupils to the Eyes

Add Pupils to the Eyes

Now add two small circles (pupils) that will complete the frog’s eyes. You can color it black leaving a little white circle in it.

Step 4: Draw a Cute Cartoon Smile

Draw a Cute Cartoon Smile

Then the last step is to add the curve line on the mid area of the mouth. You can also draw a wide U, this will be the frog’s cute cartoon smile.

Step 5: Start Drawing Frog’s Body

Start Drawing Frog’s Body

Once you are done with the frog’s head, we will move to the frog’s body. This one will be a little bit difficult but anyways let’s do it. Draw a shallow U in the middle right under the face. This will be its stomach and body area.

Step 6: Add Hind Legs

draw Hind Legs

Now sketch oblong ovals on the sides of the body as shown in the (6) figure to make the hind leg.

Step 7: Erase the Intersecting Section

Erase the Intersecting Section

The next step is to erase the intersection. Once you do that you will have an outline of the frog sitting without its feet.

Step 8: Draw Webbed Feet

Draw Webbed Feet

Now, draw the webbed feet. For that, draw three little ovals on both sides.

Step 9: Clear the Intersections

clear all the intersection lines

This is the step where you have to clear all the intersection lines and sections on the entire frog’s body.

Step 10: Draw Frog’s Toes

Draw Frog’s Toes

This one again is the easy step – add little circles on the feet. These little circles will be the frog’s toes.

Step 11: Erase Intersecting Lines and Give Proper Outline

Give Proper Outline

Erase the intersecting lines on the feet area and give the proper outline to the sketch of a cute cartoon frog with the help of a black marker. Why do this? To have a clear figure and space for coloring.

Step 12: Color the Frog

Color the Frog

The last step is to color the sketch of the frog. What is the color of a frog? It’s Green. If your kid can use watercolor go with that and if not use crayons. Whatever you are using, make sure they both are organic so that it won’t hurt the kid.

Pick the brush and take green color and fill the outlines of the frog and then go for the middle areas. If you are using crayons, make sure the coloring technique doesn’t change. If you start coloring horizontally, keep it that way till the end.

And tada! Here you have the cute frog on the white paper. You can add extra figures like a lily pad, grass, wavy lines (for water), or a few stones here and there.

This is the end of the drawing lesson helping you draw the cute frog. You can also check out the drawing tutorial of the cartoon character Bunny. Sketching, coloring, drawing, etc. are a part of art. You must teach it slowly and instill a passion for art in your child. With passion someday he or she might be able to draw a sketch of the real kawaii frog.