How to Draw a Cute Kitten for Kids (In 9 Steps with Images)

Do you like cats and kittens? Do you want to know how to draw a tiny cute kitten? If you said yes, then this blog is for you.

Kittens are goofy, fluffy, and adorable animals, and it’s a lot of fun to play with them. But drawing one on your own is more fun and interesting. So, how do you draw a kitten? Let’s find out!

This simple step-by-step cartoon kitten drawing tutorial will teach children to draw a cute kitten using simple shapes. So, without further ado, let’s start drawing!

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw a Kitten

Materials Required:

  • White Paper
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Black Marker or Gel Pen
  • Colors (Crayons, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, etc.)
How to Draw a Cute Kitten

This simple and adorable kitten drawing will take kids 30-40 minutes to complete.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step #1: Draw a Circle

Draw a Medium-Sized Circle

Start by drawing a medium-size circle in the center of the paper. This will be your kitten’s face.

Step #2: Draw the Eyes Using Two Small Circles

Draw the Eyes

To make the eyes, draw two small circles of the same size right above the center of the circle. These circles should be horizontally aligned and separated by a small distance, as shown in Image 2.

Step #3: Complete the Eyes and Draw the Nose & the Mouth

Add Details to the Eyes and Draw the Nose & Mouth

Now let’s add details to your kitten’s eyes. Draw a smaller circle in the right area of each eye. Color the smaller circles with a black marker or pen, leaving a white/blank spot to add the light reflection.

Next, at the very center of your kitten’s face, draw a small circle nearly half the size of the pupil. This is your kitten’s tiny nose.

Lastly, draw a wide semi-circle in the bottom area of your kitten’s face to make its cute smile.

Step #4: Draw the Kitten’s Ears

Draw the Ears

Let’s make the left ear. On the top-left side of the kitten’s face, draw an upside-down “V” shape.

Then, draw a similar “V” shape on the top-right side of the face to make the right ear.

Step #5: Smoothen the Ears & Draw the Kitten’s Body

Smoothen the Ears & Draw the Kitten’s Body

First, smoothen the pointy ears of your cat by drawing a curved bend along the “V” shapes on either side of the kitten’s head.

After drawing, erase the initial pointy “V” shape outlines and the construction lines between the kitten’s head and the ears.

Then draw the kitten’s body. Draw an oval shape slightly smaller than the kitten’s head, overlapping the right side of the head. Then clear the underlying lines.

Step #6: Draw the Kitten’s Legs

Draw the Legs

To make the foreleg, draw a deep and long “U” shape coming down from the bottom-left of the kitten’s body.

After that, draw another “U” shape of the same length coming down from the bottom-right of the body to draw the hind leg/paw.

Step #7: Draw the Kitten’s Tail

Draw the Tail

Starting from the backside of the kitten’s body, draw a curved line that bends up, then bends to the left, and then back up again, resembling a rough “S” shape.

Now, starting from a very small distance below the first line, draw another curved line that follows the same shape. Finally, connect the top ends of both lines with a tiny semi-circle.

Lastly, erase the small construction line between the tail and the kitten’s body.

Step #8: Draw the Kitten’s Whiskers

Draw the Whiskers

Below the left eye, draw three short straight lines that extend out of the kitten’s face. Remember that the distance between these lines should be narrower at the start and wider at the end.

Draw three straight lines on the right side of the kitten’s face in the same manner. Your adorable kitten now has its pointy whiskers.

Step #9: Color in Your Kitten Drawing

Color in Your Kitten Drawing

And here is your favorite step; coloring. Color your cartoon kitten drawing in bright orange, color the nose black, and leave the eyes white, and you’re done! Your adorable kitten drawing is complete.

As you can see, drawing a kitten or a cute cat is much easier when you use basic shapes and light pencil strokes. This kitten drawing lesson is an excellent way to teach a child how to draw such a complex animal with ease.

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