How to Draw a Cute Panda Step-by-Step for Kids (9 Easy Steps)

A panda bear is an adorable, goofy animal known for its black and white fur pattern, mischievous nature, and love for bamboo. Kids love giant pandas because of their fluffy bodies and cute eyes, which make them look like soft toys. So, if you want to teach your kids to draw animals, start with a panda bear.

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw a cute giant panda step-by-step using basic shapes like circles, ovals, curved lines, and so on. So, without further ado, let’s get going!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Cute Panda

Materials Required:

  • A White Paper Sheet
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Black Marker or Gel Pen
  • Colors (Crayons, Watercolors, Colored Pencils, etc.)
How to Draw a Panda

This simple and adorable panda drawing will take kids 40-50 minutes to draw and color.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step #1: Draw an Oval to Make the Panda’s Head

Draw an Oval

Start by drawing a smooth oval shape on your paper. You can also draw a circle to make the panda head.

Step #2: Draw the Eyes & the Snout

Draw the Eyes & the Muzzle Area

To make the muzzle or snout, draw a small oval or circle nearly ¼ the size of the head in the lower half area of the head.

Now, on the top of this muzzle area, draw two small circles that are nearly half the size of the muzzle. These circles should be spaced apart by a small distance.

Step #3: Add Details to Eyes and Draw the Nose & the Mouth

Add Details to Eyes and Draw Nose & Mouth

Let’s add pupils to your panda’s eyes. Draw a small circle inside each eye and fill it with a black marker or pen, leaving a white mark for the glazing effect.

Then, in the top half of the muzzle, draw a small semicircle. Now, connect the two ends of this semi-circle using two small consecutive upward curves.

Finally, make your panda’s mouth by drawing two consecutive semicircles connected to each other, as shown in Image 3.

Step #4: Draw the Eyes Outlines

Draw the Eyes Outlines

To give your panda its distinctive, large eyes, draw an oval shape around each eye. These ovals should touch the inner outlines of the eyes and the muzzle area.

Step #5: Draw the Panda’s Ears

Draw the Ears

To make the left ear, draw a semicircle on the top-left of the Panda’s head. Similarly, draw a semicircle on the top-right of the head for the right ear.

Step #6: Draw the Panda’s Body

Draw the Body 1

This is a very simple step. Simply draw an underlying circle with the top area covered by the head to make the body.

Step #7: Draw the Hands Using Two “U” Shapes

Draw the Hands Using Two “U” Shapes

Draw a deep inverted “U” shape on the top-left side of the body to make the left hand. Similarly, draw a rough “U” shape on the top-right side of the body to make the right hand.

Step #8: Draw the Legs and the Tail

Draw the Legs and the Tail

Now, draw a similar rough “U” shape on the bottom-left and bottom-right sides of the body to make both legs. Next, draw a semicircle connecting the right leg and the body to make the tail, as shown in Image 8.

Finally, draw a clear outline of your panda drawing using a black marker or pen.

Step #9: Color the Panda Bear Drawing

Color the Drawing

This is the final and the most exciting step of this drawing lesson. For this panda drawing, you need purple color for the ears, hands, legs, and the outer area of the eyes. But, leave the panda face, body, and eyes white. You can also use black color instead of purple. And, you’re finished!

With this detailed step-by-step tutorial, kids will undoubtedly enjoy drawing a panda. The simple and detailed steps will allow them to follow the guide easily. So, hand your children this panda drawing lesson and watch their creativity flourish.

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