How to Draw a Puppy Face? (A Simple 9-Step Tutorial)

Dogs are the symbol of unconditional love and loyalty. Everyone loves having a dog as a pet. Seems like your kid also loves puppies, right? So, today we will draw a lovely puppy face.

Drawing is a creative way to make your kids learn about things, shapes, and much more. So, if you want to teach or if your kids want to learn how to draw a cute puppy face, then this blog is for you. Read on to learn to draw a dog’s face in 9 simple steps.

Let’s go!

Steps on How to Draw a Puppy Face:

Materials Needed:

  • Blank White Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Marker
  • Water Color or Crayons
Steps to draw a Puppy Face

Drawing a dog face is not that hard. As an adult, it will take you 15 minutes to complete the drawing with color. For a child, it might take more than 30 minutes. This drawing lesson on a dog’s face is a step-by-step guide to help you draw and teach at a time.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step #1: Draw a Circle

Draw a circle

Start by drawing a perfect circle. This is the outline of the puppy’s face.

Step #2: Draw Your Puppy’s Eyes

Draw Eyes

Now, inside this large circle, draw two small circles next to each other on the upper part of the circle, as shown in figure 2. This will be your puppy’s innocent eyes.

Step #3: Draw the Muzzle

Draw the Muzzle

Now, draw a horizontal oval shape on the lower side of your dog’s face. This is the muzzle area, where your dog’s nose and mouth are located. The gap between the eyes and muzzle shouldn’t be too much.

Step #4: Draw a Nose

Draw a Nose

On the inner top side of the oval, draw an upside-down dome shape. Make sure this shape is in the center of the oval outline. With this, you have your dog’s nose ready. (Refer to figure 4)

Step #5: Start Drawing the Mouth and the Ears

Start Drawing Ears

For the mouth, you need to draw a little inverted triangle with slightly curved sides on the muzzle’s lower outline. This shape will be right below the nose.

After that, draw an inwardly curved line on both sides of your puppy’s head to make its ears.

Step #6: Complete the Ears and Draw a Tongue

Draw Tongue and Complete Ears

Now, complete drawing your puppy’s ears by connecting the endpoints of each curved line making a roughly oval shape on both sides, like in figure 6. Here you have the puppy’s ear.

Then, make a long U shape below the muzzle, connected to the curved triangle inside the muzzle. This will be your dog’s tongue sticking out of the mouth.

Step #7: Clear the Intersecting Lines

Clear Intersecting Lines

The dog’s face is ready but it still has many intersecting lines. It’s time to erase them all to have a proper outline for a puppy drawing.

Step #8: Draw Pupils

Draw Pupils

To make a proper cute puppy face, you need to draw pupils in the eyes. The last step is to draw smaller circles in the eyes and fill them with a black marker or color leaving a small white dot for the sparkling effect.

Also, draw a line in the middle of the tongue for detailing.

Step #9: Color the Puppy Face

Color the Puppy Face

Now it’s time to color your puppy’s face. This drawing needs different colors to fill in different parts.

Use black color for the snout and pupils, brown for the face and ears, and light brown or light pink for the muzzle area. And Tada! You have successfully colored your puppy’s face.

Drawing Lesson Tips:

  1. While using watercolors, make sure to wash the brush properly before using different colors.
  2. As for crayons, fill the color in one direction only.
  3. Use a 2b pencil for drawing the initial figure, you can use the black marker to outline the drawing once the shape is complete.

This is the end of the drawing tutorial of the puppy face. Hope your final drawing was close to what you have been seeing in the blog. If not, keep trying. While teaching kids how to draw, explain the drawings with simple shapes.

If your kid already knows shapes, tell him to draw accordingly (as described in the above tutorial). Also, check out the article on how to draw a bunny face. Happy drawing!