How to Draw a Rocket Ship? (In 9 Easy Steps)

So, we are back again with another drawing lesson. This time, we will teach you how to draw a rocket. Drawing objects like a rocket ship will not only interest kids but will also help them understand shapes, and figures easily.

Teaching your kids to draw a rocket ship can be a bit difficult task as it has many tricky shapes. But don’t worry as we have broken down the whole drawing into simple steps. So without any delay let’s learn how to draw a rocket ship in 9 easy steps.

Steps on How to Draw a Rocket Ship

Materials Needed:

  • White Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Marker
  • Colors (Watercolor or Crayons)
How to Draw a Rocket Ship

As mentioned above that drawing a space rocket is a bit difficult, so it would take you 30 to 45 mins to complete the drawing. Whereas teaching your kid how to draw a rocket might take 1 hour or more than that.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step #1:Draw an Oval

Draw an Oval

Take a plain white drawing paper and draw an elongated oval shape along the diagonal of the paper. This is the base of the body of your rocket ship.

Step #2: Draw the Main Body

Make the Main Body

A rocket ship has a pointed front. To draw that, extend the outline of the oval shape along its length and join the lines to make two pointed ends on both sides of the shape.

The new shape should look like a pointed leaf. This figure is the main body of your rocket ship. Refer the figure (2) for a better understanding.

Step #3: Clear out the Oval

Clear out the Oval

Now, clear out the oval’s rounded corner with the help of the eraser and you will have a leaf-like shape in front of you. But don’t worry we’re still drawing a rocket ship. Read the next step!

Step #4: Make an Arc

Make an Arc

Make an arc at the bottom end of the pointed body and erase the section below this arc. This will be your rocket launcher part. And Tada! The main rocket body is done.

Step #5: Draw the Left Fin

Draw Left Side’s Fin

The next step is to draw the fins of your rocket ship. Starting near the bottom of the body, draw a small curved line bending downwards.

Now at a small distance above this curved line, draw another larger curve bending down and join it with the earlier one.

The two curved lines with a pointed end will give the fin’s shape.

Step #6: Draw the Right Fin and the Nose Cone

Draw Right Side’s Fin

Repeat ‘Step 5’ on the right side to make the right side’s fin, and your rocket ship now has both the fins looking perfect.

Now, let’s draw the cap or nose cone of your rocket ship. Simply draw a small curved line to make the cone shape at the front or top of your rocket.

Step #7: Draw the Windows

Make Two Windows

After that, you have to draw two windows to allow the astronauts to look out at the beautiful galaxy, right?

To make the windows, draw a circle right below the nose of your ship and draw another slightly larger circle below the first one. And there you have the windows. This was an easy step, right?

Step #8: Draw a Rocket Flame

Draw a Rocket Flame

It’s time to launch the rocket, which means that it’s time to draw the flame.

Make a small curved open triangle and repeat it four times continuously. Keep the last triangle slightly inward. This step can be a little difficult, but still, try it. Refer to figure 9 for a better understanding.

Tip: Teach your kid to draw the flame using this simple method. Make the letter M and then connect the rocket ship to the M with a curved line.

Step #9: Color the Rocket Ship

Color the Rocket Ship

Once the outline of your cartoon rocket ship is ready, it’s time to color it, and it’s very easy.

Color the body and fins with Blue, the cap of the rocket with Red, and use Orange to color the flame. You can leave the windows white or color them with any dark color.

You can use crayons, pencil colors, or watercolors; whichever will be easy for your kid.

Make sure the color stroke is in one direction only for the perfect finishing. Use a black marker to outline the rocket.

This is the end of the article and the rocket drawing lesson. Hope this drawing tutorial helped you in drawing a rocket ship and teaching the same to your kid. We know, it was a bit of a lengthy tutorial but breaking it down into steps makes it easier to understand.

Also, with this, you can teach your kid about basic shapes as well. Happy drawing! Will meet in the next drawing tutorial.